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w i d o w ' s hill ; ;</head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""> <body style="background-image:url('')"> <img src="" style="position: absolute; left:0px; top:0px"> <div id=”sidebar”> <!--SIDE--> <div style="position: absolute; top:15; left:570; width:225;"> <h1>welcome</h1> <div class="content"> <b>Widow's Hill</b> is a site and the <a href="">TFL approved</a> fanlisting for the 1960s gothic soap opera <i>Dark Shadows</i>. Here you can find information and media for the original series and it's various franchises. If you'd like to contact me, send me an <a href="mailto:darkshadows[@]'s%20Hill">e-mail</a>.</div class> <br> <h1>information</h1> <div class="content"> » <a href="characters.php"><b>Characters</b></a><br> » <a href="episodes.php"><b>Episodes</b></a><br> » <a href="revival.php"><b>The Revival</b></a><br> » <a href="movies.php"><b>Movies<b></a><br> » <a href="novels.php"><b>Novels</b></a><br> » <a href="misc.php">Miscellaneous</b></a><br> » <a href="#"><b>Gallery</b></a><br> </div class> <br> <h1>fanlisting</h1> <div class="content"> » <a href="join.php"><b>Join</b></a><br> » <a href="members.php"><b>Members</b></a> <br> » <a href="update.php"><b>Update</b></a> </div class> <br> <h1>site</h1> <div class="content"> » <a href="about.php"><b>About</b></a><br> » <a href="codes.php"><b>Codes</b></a><br> » <a href="links.php"><b>Links</b></a><br> » <a href="index.php"><b>Main</b></a><br> </div class> </div> </div><!– end div sidebar –> <div style="position: absolute; top:20; left:820; width:400;"> <div id=”content”> <h1>Characters</h1> <div class="content2"> <p> <img src="images/vicki.png" align="right"> <b>Victoria "Vicki" Winters -</b> Caring, level-headed and sometimes naive governess and companion to Elizabeth's nephew and Roger's son, David Collins. She was left at a foundling home in New York City as a baby and never knew her parents. She was given the last name Winters as it was the season that she arrived at the foundling home. When she was two years old, monthly sums began to arrive from an unknown sender, postmarked Bangor, Maine. These sums continued until she was sixteen years old. Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, from Collinsport, Maine, offers her a position at Collinwood via a letter. Victoria soon finds out that Collinsport is only fifty miles away from Bangor, ME and accepts the position in a quest to find her true identy, much to the dismay of Elizabeth. She's eventually viewed as a part of the family and often serves as peacemaker in the household. <p> <img src="images/liz.png" align="left"> <b>Elizabeth Collins Stoddard</b> - The Collins family matriarch and owner of Collinwood and Collins Fishing Fleet and Cannery. The mother of Carolyn Collins Stoddard, sister to Roger Collins and aunt to his (Roger) son, David. When her father died, she and Roger each received an equal share of his inheritance. She became a recluse when her husband, Paul Stoddard, left her, and at the beginning of the series hadn't left Collinwood for nearly 18 years. The same day that Paul left, she fired all of the staff at Collinwood and hired Matthew Morgan as caretaker. She hired Vicki in 1967 as a companion and governess to David. When Vicki inquires about why she had chosen her as David's tutor, she answers very vaguely, merely stating that somebody had recommended Vicki. <p> <i>More coming soon.</i> </div class>